Lazy Sprinkles

Tuesday’s boredom
laced in thoughts of a time
three days hence; wrapped
in freedom.

Enamored in nature’s
collection of Spring
gently laid about; among
petals of tomorrow.

Emerald canopies
brighten colors of
fleeting memories: and
those sounds about.

When today’s wonder
reigns upon a sorrow
long felt; where sunsets
brighten ‘gainst storms.

Tears gather along
lashes of yesterday
gently falling: washing
thoughts ‘n search of.

His Time

Worldly evils; play.
A conscious thought
bound in reality;
Sleepless nights; tumble.
About daydreams
meant for tomorrow.
May never come
for sorrow pervades;
a conscious thought.
When God said,
“Not now.”


Geese ‘n ducks ‘n stuff.
Half dozen flickers, flick about,
Robins ‘n Jays and Hatches.
Twitching ears follow;
resident Eagles.
Herons ‘n Cranes flight above.
The sounds of a beach,
captured in a Seagull’s cry.

pillow talk

swallowed memories
day by day – crusted at
night in the folds of
ancient smiles

tears belie loves lost
with heart’s purging
‘tween leaking eyes
and runny noses

rising suns tease
a half-baked prayer
for tonight’s fire; glowing
upon laced fingers

night comes nigh
a flickering embrace
‘front a warm fire
nor restful place