Thank You.

Words come, when
random thoughts
bring you from the
soul spot.

It is there, that I know
you best and relish a
meet again; like a new
recipe tried another time.

I pray and command
my angels hover.
Over your life, and
those of yours.

Wisdom-born advice
in battles shared.
Metering upon
perspectives of mine.

Your influence.
In my life.
Taps the spot.
Where dreams come.


Lives change; words do not.
No matter the time.


There are times
where I consciously
avoid a book store.

You aren’t with me.
I have no books published,
so there is no reason
to look for me.

Yet – no matter where I am,
you are with me.
I think of you with me,
spending a day.

Worming around
a book store.
Sharing this and that.
The things that hearts do.

I miss you so much M&M.

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