I am a Michigan native, raised in the Northern Lower Peninsula. I have three grown children and two grandchildren. I am a single guy in his late 40’s and have enjoyed a life of great experiences which have made for some pretty cool memories. I am a quiet and reserved introvert, living under an umbrella of humility. I wear my heart on my sleeve and tend to sign up too quickly in new relationships, offering too much of myself too soon. If I can work on that part of me, I’ll probably have less heartache. Maybe.

It is difficult for me to share my story when I’m not asked, yet I thought that maybe you’d find something in it that might help explain a few of my posts. If not, then perhaps you’ll read something in my story that gives you a reason to share pieces of your own story.

As a self-proclaimed writer and poet, I tell my story in bits and pieces through my poems, short stories, and random one-liners that pop into my head and get thrown into quotes. I am by no means a professional writer and often find myself searching for the right words, the right context, structure and the like. I don’t read as much as I should, which would probably help with my vernacular. I can save $210 a month if I quit smoking, but I haven’t done that either. So, I muddle through a thought, working it into a usable post that I hope you would enjoy; seeing the images, feelings, or angst in what I’m trying to convey.

I am twice divorced and have had three other distinct loves in my life that, to this day, are thought of more often than not. Even while married, I pondered the memories and wondered how they were doing. I still do.

It isn’t that they interfered with my marriages, I did that all by myself. They are unrequited loves, whose contribution to my life and my growth will always be with me. They each hold a place in my heart that will forever bear a No-Vacancy sign, tapping the window of a dream while gently swaying in life’s gentle breeze.

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