Lives change; words do not.
No matter the time.


There are times
where I consciously
avoid a book store.

You aren’t with me.
I have no books published,
so there is no reason
to look for me.

Yet – no matter where I am,
you are with me.
I think of you with me,
spending a day.

Worming around
a book store.
Sharing this and that.
The things that hearts do.

I miss you so much M&M.

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‘fraid to fly

She brings laughter
to my days.
Captured in a cube;
together making fun.

Of each other, and others.

Within a half-sentence I know,
where she will go.
And I laugh already
as she does.

It’s fun at work; because.

I wonder if I wasn’t;
what she would say.


where scented candles
waff upon dreams
when memories
wish for today

without partnered
whims of a day’s
wonder lost among the
wishes of tomorrow

worrying amongst the
wicked world playing
wrought with ‘mares
warring in dreams

while whispers sound
with a greater voice
welling within a tear
wreaking havoc