About Pryzm

In case you’re wondering about some of the posts that are attributed to an author tagged as Pryzm, I thought I’d explain the connection. If you’re intuitive, and have read enough of my work, you’ll have figured it out. If you haven’t, or want the details, read on.
It all began while taking classes at a local community college as a young, single 30 – something. My English professor suggested that I take a Creative Writing class, and followed it up with a recommendation. I thought that was pretty cool! I knew I could write a letter, and had a vague idea of what a proper sentence might look like, but to be recommended for something that allowed expression beyond the confines of structure and the limits of proper English was intriguing. So, naturally, I was all over it!PryzmCharacter1
Since I was thought of as a writer, I thought, “pen name! The quest was on. It actually took less time than I’d thought to come up with a pseudonym. I did the usual play on letters and words with my birth name, but Sirrah Nala, just wasn’t cutting it, so I opted to concentrate on something with one word. One of the things I’ve always thought about deep, and insightful poetry is that the message had to be clearly delivered in as few words as possible. The name I chose had to mean something by definition, yet had to be ripe for interpretation. It’s a one-word poem.
With that thought, Pryzm, was born. It’s a simple play on letters for the common prism used in diffracting light and lending visibility to any spectrum of life guised in the perception of normalcy. There are layers of our being, seen only to those who see something most cannot; either by choice or consequence.
(Yes, I spelled avatar wrong in 2005. Thanks for noticing.)
Some of Pryzm’s work seeks to portray those who have tapped his heart in one way or another. It isn’t always a love, sometimes it’s a deep, soulful connection with someone who not only sees his colors, but realizes he sees theirs as well. Most of his work concentrates on describing the colors of life he sees in them. To keep the vision simple, he tries to share with others, the amazing colors of their soul and what they might mean to those around them; to see what Pryzm sees.
The pictures I’ve included on this page were drawn by my brother, Paul Harris. He’s an amazing artist and a wicked drummer! These pictures played a vital part in Pryzm’s growth, for you see, in the beginning, Pryzm was more than a man hiding behind a fake name, he was a super hero. Since I have an artist for a brother and hope to have a book published some day, I thought what better place to start than a comic book series right? I mean, duh.

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