So it goes

BROKEN:  God? What did I do wrong?

WHISPER:   No matter, those among you; nigh your own heartache, brings your tomorrow for it is your own.

BROKEN:  M’kay – can you elaborate? Perhaps with pictures and some crayons?

WHISPER:  You are not new to me, my heart has felt your crave from the beginning of all things.

BROKEN:  Right, okay. So am I working with the 5-pack and the place-mat from Big Boy or should I be looking for the 400 color deluxe package? You know; for all the blurry lines?

WHISPER:  The lines are written.

BROKEN:  Have you read your written Word lately? It isn’t exactly a “keep you up at night until its finished” kinda book. Just sayin’.

WHISPER:  Your prayers define the lines, color them as you will.

BROKEN:  What? Wait! Back the truck up! Prayers! You hear me?

WHISPER:  Write the thoughts that come to you when you feel the waters wrap around your fingers while adrift upon the pool talking to me.

BROKEN:  It’s there. Always is; I just can’t wrap my head around the words to make someone else feel it.
So it goes.

WHISPER:  Those you’ve let inside will know.

BROKEN:  Night God.

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