Trust Me

My fellow men (whether you follow me or not),

Ephesians 5: 25-33…

It matters in ways that I pray you’ll discover in time.
Skip the voices of this world for a few minutes of your day.
Read His Word and listen to your heart.
The still, small voice.
The more humble you are…

The louder the whisper becomes.

I promise you a perspective of which will never change.
No matter the trial.
No matter the temptation.
No matter the world.

Perceptions are judgements.
Who am I to judge?
I know nothing of their stories,
and am of no influence.

I shall pray as God has called me to do.
He knows their story.
They were set up by Him, and
Only He knows the ending.

How does your story end?
By faith?
…. or by judgement?

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