Life Renewed

In a crashing sea the rock braces,
Torrid waters paint foam faces.
Winds drive feathered beasts to perch,
Haven of the rock in a frantic search.

Sky of blue, pink and orange,
Babies come by mother’s scorn.
Dreaded storms do not make haste,
Rolling clouds begin to waste.

Fire laced bands of white innocence,
Shimmering rock of mother’s pestilence.
Faces fade in calming seas,
Ominous silence of a gentle breeze.

The rock at the heart of a new day’s sun,
The rest of our lives have now just begun.
Through storms in life of fear and doubt,
Stand upon the rock and shout!

Not I! Nor I!

Will succumb to pleasures of misery,
Solid are we in the darkest of seas.
Hopes and dreams with passions foreseen,
Painted colors of life often obscene.

Keep us together as we shall be,
Save for the hecklers so they shall see.
Together in soul and heart and mind,
Love so true less Goddess should blind.

This rock of strength amid dark waters,
Pestilent mothers of now scorned daughters.
To feel the wrath of two as one,
Fathers bear witness to sins they have done.

Together devouring the future ahead,
Brace for a journey that most shall dread.
With kith and kin together in flight,
Strength and courage lend to the fight.

(A collaborative piece written by M&M and Pryzm in October, 2005)

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