Where? Where does
it end…these thoughts
bludgeoning a conscious
thought of past?

Did it happen that way? How
can I know lest chronicled
proof of experience – past
the light of awareness.

These tears – trickling
through closed eyelashes
with a memory born
upon the back of life.

Free-flowing, liquid pain
of a heart rested
in the faith
and the love of another.

Might it be a Mother? A
lover? A Father? Spouse?
A sibling? A grandparent’s loss,
a family’s mourn?

Tears of life
swelling through closed
eyes – down your cheek
so kissed.

Kissed upon by
those whose love
grace your soul
and live eternal.

Random thoughts
bring random tears
of celebration
and mourning.

Bittersweet is the loss
of those we live for
and for them we live
on – through them.

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