Solitude in Soulmates

No matter how you try and define it – emotions are a choice.

Note: LOVE and HATE are not one of the 7 deadly sins – for a reason. To choose either of these emotions teaches you something about yourself – always. The 7-deadly sins suck you into a perspective of life that WILL destroy you if left unchecked.

I have often felt that I couldn’t help but fall in love…and I’ve never regretted any of those times, because I’ve always learned something about myself – through her – that helped me figure out who I am. It isn’t selfish – it is God’s will to put people in your life that will help you grow – even if it feels like He’s out to get you. Listen to Him – trust Him and just be yourself.

(Soulmates are entirely different. Easily fallen in love with, yet no matter what happens, the unconditional love that a soulmate brings to your life is the visual representation of God. They live in your being, they are a part of you. A soulmate is that piece of your heart that you’ve listened to without really knowing it…and when they call you…and you realize it has been weeks, months, or even years since you’ve last heard each others’ voices – it will be as if it were yesterday.)

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