UNFINISHED – A word about dad

 This “UNFINISHED – A word about dad” was actually finished with the last period. I didn’t know it then, but I know it now, and I am sharing it. “UNFINISHED” is how I label my work when I compose a thought and think there’s more to be said later. More will be said….just not right now. I love you dad…miss you dearly.

I’ve known him since the middle of the fourth grade.  He was a man of his word — a man of conviction and purpose.  Since knowing him, and listening to the countless hours about his life…his stories…his passions…his dreams and his disappointments…. I’ve come to discover that this person I’ve met is someone who will have an influence on me for the rest of my life.  The countless
one-liners and sarcastic wit that this man exudes are nothing more than perfect
wisdom, of someone who knows…someone who’s been there…someone who has a firm grasp of how the world works.  Steadfast in his convictions he is also a very tolerant man, and inside the gruffness and beyond the few, but very strong words…lies a man with a romance and tolerance of which are matched only within the visions of my own mind.  I owe this man everything.

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