This immaculate piece of wordage was written by PoetessDarkly…posted on another website. I am blessed…

Crystal spectrum with hues aglow,
Within thine eyes the colors flow
Words so beauteous softly spill,
From a plumed feather quill.

Mine heart quickens with hastened beat I gaze,
enchanted at thine poetic feet.
Words cascade akin to colors flow,
From thou wondrous psyche aglow.

Lips poised like cupid’s dart,
Poetry thrust deep within bespelled heart.
Pray tell why must thou hath such power,
Elevating sorrow within a darkening hour.

Waltzing among the northern light,
A shining star within an ebony night.
Such comely words thou hast chose,
Parchment gifted with Pryzm’s prose.

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