Her veiled light washes –
‘cross a darkened landscape.
Fraught in deviance, mired
in selfish fulfillment.

Servants of whim –
worming through society.
Her call to arms; heard
wreaking havoc on this night.

Temptuous feelings –
break boundaries.
A teasing glow, glimpses
‘arely ‘nough to see.

Seek the villianous taste –
of shrouded darkness.
Purvey perversions, presented
with this night’s solitude.

Bathed  in clouded  light –
of this hallowed eve.
Her fullness bears, upon
you – the taste of consequence.

Seek this night, the realization
of sordid dreams.
Shuttered ‘neath eyelids,
of a closed reality.

Break through, the earthen
dam of this world.
Crimson tapioca souls, lie
bittersweet on her tongue.

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