To Miss

…the challenge of making dinner, and
realizing I can actually do it.

…caring for you, when
you’re not feeling well.

…being up and about at 5:00 a.m., honored
to be able to give you some migraine meds.

…aching to hear from you, mid-day
hoping you’re feeling better.

…chopping veggies for a stir-fry, wondering
if I could ever cook as well as you.

…fixing this or that, and
then some. Around the house.

…standing in front of you, facing
a woman whom I love.

…in front of the fire, knowing
that you’re waiting for me to fart.

…your kiss, your touch, your laugh, and
your love for a lost man.

…God has blessed me, with
knowing you.

…I feel cheated of life, yet
I am not one to question His will.

…I miss you, I love you, and
I will move on.

…In anticipation of a life, where
the clarity is divine.

…And where it may come, a
time in my life, to meet you again.

(call me selfish)

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